Poetic Ramblings

Oh forebode do we pretend
That in the evening we’re just friends;
But during light’s reflected beauty
Truth be told our every duty
Will one day be set aright
Of true love gained in the night.

How untethered we do think
Our actions lie there in the sink.
Truth be told the heart does wrench,
And suffer much egregiousness.
For in the end there’s nothing said,
Nothing gained, and nothing lost…
truly indifference bares a cost!

Oh heart of mine where do you lie?
In a heaven in the sky?
Or are you really underground,
In a tomb not to be found?
When will Wisdom set you free
And help end this misery?

For now the heart begins to fade,
And takes on a pale shade.
The sadness cuts apart the air,
And rips at that no longer there.
But true to hope and love once more,
We shall see what was before.

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