Shooting Oneself in One’s Foot

Hillary Clinton made a mistake. A big one. Apparently she’s pissed off a lot of conservative, and not so conservative, African Americans. Her plantation comment was rather poor taste. But then, to top it off, she added you know what I’m talking about. The irony is that the Democrats have had strong ties to racial problems in the US. I’ve done some research, and while both the GOP and the Democrats are guilty of racial collaboration, to some degree or other, we must not forget that they tend to play the race card, have had much closer ties with the KKK, and tend to think they can say whatever they want without recourse.

According to Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes last night, Clinton has been invited for 3 years to attend the MLK Sharpton event, but has declined every year…until now. It seems that Clinton decided this would be a perfect opportunity to insult…err…rally the African American voters. Considering she has set her sights on the Presidency in 2008, its a bold move. I mean, to alienate a large number of intellectuals based on racial divisions is a rather intriguing way to get noticed. The funny thing is, the two guests on last night’s show were both pissed off at Hillary. Usually Hannity & Colmes is balanced, but apparently Mrs. Clinton crossed a line that most politicians try to stear clear of. I, for one, hope she runs and wastes millions of dollars, and, of course, loses.

We all want Condi to run. Let’s see if those Democrats are really as diversity minded as they let on. Condi is sharp, she’s agile, and sleek. She’s what people want in a modern decision maker. She’s not perfect, but at least she puts more emphasis on doing good for the country than her counterpart, who only cares about voters and her ability to sustain her celebrity status, and her senatorialship. Is it me, or does it seem like Republicans are often playing political defense, while Democrats are playing political offense? Of course, one might argue its because the Republicans are ‘in control,’ but I wonder if that is really true. Why do politicians remind us of babies who are fighting over a toy? hmmm.

When I see and hear Condi, I feel proud that she’s in the position she’s in. I feel safe that she’s Secretary of State, and she gives the impression of a cool, collected, straight shooting son of a bitch. When I see and hear Hillary, I hear a lot of hot air, and usually feel like I need a shower afterwards….she leaves the impression that all of this is a game, not to be taken seriously. Afterall, she’s trying to go from one of the left-most senators to one of the middle of the road senators. Unfortunately for you, Hillary, one of our most evolved traits is to see and not trust phonies. May you lose gracefully.

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