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Everyone knows about sites like Tech Bargains and Slick Deals.

Well, while looking for dell coupons for a friend of mine’s recent need to get a laptop, I came across an excellent deal…. from office depot. From 3/12 - 3/18, 2006, you can get a 19″ Viewsonic LCD (no DVI, VGA-only) for about $160. In order to do it, you have to enter your cart and select in-store location to be able to add the VA902b model to your cart.

I just recently purchased it (picking it up in-store tomorrow), and encourage you to consider this deal…its almost as sweet as the two-year old 21″ wide-screen dell monitor for $600. Its replacing a very well-made 21″ viewsonic P810 CRT that I’ve had since the late 90s. Unfortunately, I left a strong magnet near the monitor over night and the next day I couldn’t get video to show up anymore :(
The price shown on is $329.99.
There’s a $40 discount on purchases greater than $200 from home depot when ordering. The coupon code is 47250577. Enter it via coupon code in your cart.
There’s a $50 Viewsonic mail-in rebate.
There’s a $30 Office Depot mail-in rebate.
There’s a $50 Office Depot mail-in rebate.

So, total savings is… $170. Which means its basically 50% off the price. You might even be able to use office depot’s Price Matching to get it cheaper, as Walmart lists the same monitor for $289.99.

If I could, I’d buy two of these. The price/quality ratio cannot be beat.

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